Dr Sonja Marjanovic

Senior Research Leader

Sonja is a Senior Research Leader working at RAND Europe and THIS Institute. Sonja leads THIS Institute’s partnership with RAND Europe and contributes to a wide range of THIS Institute activities.

Prior to taking on a role with THIS Institute, Sonja led a portfolio of health innovation and health services research at RAND Europe, for clients including the Department of Health, Office for Life Sciences, NHS England, NIHR, Alzheimer’s Society, Wellcome Trust, Roche and international foundations and institutions. This includes research studies that tackle system-level challenges to improvement and innovation (e.g. as they relate to skills and capabilities, information and evidence, leadership, patient and public involvement, and digital health) and research on specific health and care areas (e.g. evaluations of new models of urgent and emergency care, research on the use of quality of life assessment tools in cancer care). Sonja spends part of her time at RAND Europe and part of her time at THIS Institute.

Research Interests

Sonja’s key research interests are in understanding how organisational factors (structural, cultural and behavioural) and regional and national institutions, policies and programmes interact to support evidence-based practice in healthcare. Methodologically she specialises in qualitative research approaches and in theory-driven evaluation, and is experienced in designing and overseeing mixed methods studies. Her academic background combines training in innovation policy, management studies and molecular genetics. She received her PhD from Judge Business School, Cambridge University. Sonja has also worked for the Economic and Social Research Council Centre for Business Research, and has consulting experience in intellectual property services, as well as commercial experience in business development, founding and managing a diagnostic start-up.