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Julian Bion

Professor Julian Bion

Professor of Intensive Care Medicine at the University of Birmingham

Julian Bion is Professor of Intensive Care Medicine at the University of Birmingham, and honorary consultant in ICM at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham where he continues to provide front-line 24/7 care of critically ill patients in the largest unitary ICU in Europe.

Julian was elected President of the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine 2006-8; established and was elected the first chairman of the European Board of Intensive Care Medicine (2006-2009); member of the Surviving Sepsis Campaign Executive Committee (2005-2007) producing the 2008 international guidelines on septic shock; and established and lead the CoBaTrICE programme, an EU-funded collaboration which has developed an international competency-based training programme for intensive care medicine now adopted widely across Europe.  He was elected the Foundation Dean of the UK Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine (2010-13); and elected chair of the UK Critical Care Leadership Forum (2013-16).  He has raised more than £11M in research grants, and is the Chief Investigator of the HiSLAC project investigating 7-day services in the NHS. He received the Shubin-Weil international award for excellence from the Society of Critical Care Medicine in 2004, honorary life membership of the UK Intensive Care Society, giving the Gilston lecture in 2009, the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine’s Society Medal in 2012, and the ICS President’s Award in 2014.

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