Engineering the patient-provider experience

8 January 2019

A Fulbright Scholar, Dr Enid Montague’s research uses human factors and human-computer interaction methodologies, design principles and theories to understand health care systems to promote safety and patient-centred care.

A current focus for Enid is on the role of trust between people and technologies in health care work systems. She looks at organisational and design factors that affect both workers and patients with the overall goal of understanding technology mediated interactions and designing new and effective health technologies.

Her seminar, hosted by THIS Institute, will discuss her work with modelling to understand how patients and providers interact in primary care environments. She will also discuss the challenges and opportunities for designing future health care systems.

All welcome, no registration required. Please email Helen Gardner with any questions.


Dr Enid Montague
Associate Professor, DePaul University

Small Seminar Room
Institute of Public Health, Forvie Site, Robinson Way, Cambridge, CB2 0SR