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  • 17 August 2022


Our new open-access series is a key resource in bringing together critical evidence-based overviews of a diverse range of healthcare improvement approaches.

We have worked with over 60 leading academic and clinical experts to develop our series, Elements of Improving Quality and Safety in HealthcareThe series is being published by Cambridge University Press in curated collections.

Aimed at researchers, people involved in training on healthcare improvement, and those interested in understanding current debates, it offers comprehensive and authoritative overviews of a wide range of improvement approaches. Exploring the thinking behind them, examining evidence for each approach, and identifying gaps and challenges, it will stimulate fresh thinking and help to move forward evidence-based improvement work.

The series has been jointly edited by our Director, Professor Mary Dixon-Woods, and our Director of Research, Professor Graham Martin. Mary and Graham have also written the Element on collaboration-based approaches.

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Elements of Improving Quality and Safety in Healthcare

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