Alessandra Giusti

Research Assistant

Alessandra is a Research Assistant at THIS Institute, working on a variety of quality improvement research projects, where her roles include collecting data, conducting analyses and undertaking literature reviews.

Alessandra has a BSc in Natural Sciences from Durham University and an MSc in Global Health from Uppsala University. She recently completed her PhD thesis in Health Services Research at King’s College London.

Prior to joining THIS Institute, Alessandra conducted her doctoral research project focusing on the meaning and practice of person-centred care for serious illness in a variety of contexts internationally. This research resulted in an evidence-based framework and recommendations for clinicians, healthcare managers and policy makers on how to implement quality, person-centred care. Previously, she also worked as a third-sector management consultant, supporting a range of health and community care providers in the UK in developing service solutions, operational strategies, and collecting impact data.

Research Interests

Alessandra’s research interests lie in how local health systems and practices can be transformed to improve patient experience, patient outcomes and broader population wellbeing. She is committed to impact driven interdisciplinary research on the social determinants of health and healthcare access, healthcare team cultures and values, and the quality of communication between healthcare professionals, patients and families.