THIS Institute’s governance structure is designed to ensure we live our values and remain focused on achieving our mission.

Strategy, finance and risk committee

The Strategy, Finance and Risk Committee is a governance committee for THIS Institute which includes members from the Health Foundation, University of Cambridge and the institute’s executive team. The committee provides opportunities for considering joint planning, sustainability and strategic communications. It ensures good practice in financial management, strategic development (including strategy in relation to joint activities between the Health Foundation and THIS Institute), shared understanding and effective coordination of planning and financial forecasting between The Health Foundation and THIS Institute, and effective identification and management of risk.

The external members of our strategy, finance and risk committee are all unpaid volunteers who give their time and expertise to help us.



Engagement and involvement advisory committee

Our engagement and involvement advisory board provides advice and guidance on THIS Institute’s engagement and involvement strategy and goals. The board reports to THIS Institute’s steering committee. They will advise on the development of a code of conduct, support the development of an evidence base about how to do engagement and involvement well in healthcare improvement research, and advise on the best tools to support robust evaluation​.

Executive committee

Our executive committee is responsible for the day-to-day management of THIS Institute. Chaired by the Director, Professor Mary Dixon-Woods, it includes the Director of Research, Strategic Operations Lead, Governance and Director’s Office Lead, and the Communications & Engagement Lead.