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THIS. is what we do

Learn about our strategy and how we work

Our strategy to 2027

In the coming years, we will consolidate our distinctive capabilities and assets, advance our mission and vision, and secure sustainability for the long term.

Connecting people asking questions with the right people to answer them

Thiscovery is a new platform for large-scale participation developed by THIS Institute. It’s reimagining how research, engagement, co-design and evaluation can be done.

How we work

Working in collaboration is at the heart of what we do. We cannot deliver on our mission without forming and sustaining relationships across multiple sectors, including healthcare provision and policy, research, and the voluntary sector. So, from the very beginning, collaboration has been an underpinning value for the institute.

Our collaborations are extensive and diverse, ranging from specialist charities and patient advocacy groups through to national bodies. They enable access to existing networks, infrastructures, and expertise – including the lived expertise of patients, carers and NHS staff – and they extend the range of perspectives we can draw on.

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