THIS research

At THIS Institute, we’re seeking to improve the science behind healthcare organisation and delivery. Our work is underpinned by the principle that efforts to improve care should always be based on the highest quality evidence. So we’re boosting research activity to provide more clarity on what works, what doesn’t, and why.

We believe that tackling healthcare challenges needs input from a greater variety of people. We will be using innovative methods of research, including citizen science, to deliver large-scale research projects. We’ll be working directly with NHS patients and staff, as well as academics and the public, to support replicable and scalable improvements.

Together we’re creating an evidence-base to improve healthcare.

Our work is defined by a highly inclusive approach that combines academic rigour with the real concerns of patients and staff.

Using methods already used in other areas such as biology and astronomy, we’re building a digital platform to crowdsource research ideas and collect research data from NHS patients and staff, including their opinions on the right indicators of quality of care and their views on equipment design.

We’re creating a new generation of highly trained, multidisciplinary experts with skills in researching healthcare improvement.

We’re looking for fresh thinking and contributions from fields within and beyond healthcare, including, for example, law, business studies, philosophy, engineering and many more.

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