Delve into the evidence

Applying scientific methods and a participatory approach to generate an evidence base for how to improve quality and safety in healthcare

Themes we're focused on


Learning about new service models, workflows, and other changes in response to the practical and ethical challenges of the pandemic


Studying how to improve maternity outcomes for parents and babies through better prenatal, perinatal and postnatal services

Mental health

Working with mental health service users, carers and staff to improve primary and secondary mental healthcare


Developing innovative research methods and theories that present opportunities for healthcare improvement studies

Primary care

Co-designing improvements to initial points of contact between patients and the healthcare system, such as general practice

Remote care

Co-producing guidance with patients and staff on the appropriate role of remote care during the pandemic and in the future

Systems and culture

Taking a whole system approach to understand how quality and safety arise from complex systems and organisational culture.

Projects we’re working on

Explore large-scale research projects studying interventions and techniques aimed at improving quality and safety in healthcare. Projects are run in collaboration with NHS patients, staff, academics and the public.

Obstetric Emergency

Outputs of our work

Browse an expanding evidence base for the NHS about how to improve quality and safety in healthcare. We’re committed to publishing accessible and freely available outputs that are high quality, highly relevant, and scientifically excellent.

Using experience-based co-design to develop high level design principles for a visual identification system for people with dementia in acute hospital ward settings
16 May 2023
A qualitative study of the dynamics of access to remote antenatal care through the lens of candidacy
26 April 2023
How can we make better use of ethnicity data to improve healthcare services?
13 April 2023
Communicating research evidence to health and care governance boards
13 March 2023
What counts as a voiceable concern in decisions about speaking out in hospitals: A qualitative study
13 March 2023
A mixed-methods study of challenges experienced by clinical teams in measuring improvement
13 March 2023
Impacts of operational failures on primary care physicians’ work: a critical interpretive synthesis of the literature
13 March 2023
Operational failures and how they influence the work of GPs: a qualitative study in primary care
13 March 2023
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