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Archana Jayaprakash

Research Assistant

Archana is a Research Assistant at THIS Institute, working on the PHILM (how PHysical iLlness is diagnosed in people with a Mental health diagnosis) study.

Archana has a BA in Economics, Political Science, and Sociology and an MA in Applied Sociology from Christ University, Bangalore, India. She has also completed an MSc in Global Health from the University of Glasgow. Her master’s dissertation was a meta-ethnography of the relational aspects of migrant care work for the elderly.

Before joining THIS Institute, Archana worked as a practitioner-researcher with NIHR-PARC (Peninsula Adult Social Care Research Collaboration), where she played a key role in developing a protocol for a study aimed at improving social care services for individuals experiencing housing instability.

Research Interests

Archana is interested in medical and organisational sociology, particularly focusing on mental health and the application of social theories in this context. She has experience in conducting research using both qualitative and quantitative methods, with a special interest in ethnography and grounded theory.

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