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Dr Jan van der Scheer

Senior Research Associate

Jan van der Scheer is a Senior Research Associate at THIS Institute.

Jan gained his BSc, MSc and PhD in the Netherlands, focusing on physical activity for those with neurological disabilities. He then conducted post-doctoral work in this area in the UK, Canada and Japan, before joining THIS Institute in Dec 2019. Jan is also a Research By-Fellow at Hughes Hall.

Research Interests

Jan’s research interests lie in the development and use of collaborative methods for healthcare improvement, such as consensus-building, co-design, and network approaches. He has for example led a collaborative project on managing obstetric emergencies during the COVID-19, which led to his Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Research Impact and Engagement in 2021. Jan also works on co-design of improved maternity practices in the Avoiding Brain Injury in Childbirth (ABC) programme and development of post-partum haemorrhage emergency kits using participatory methods. He has an emerging interest in collaborative, multi-professional approaches to delivering environmentally sustainable healthcare.

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