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Dr Jennifer Remnant

Area of study
Fellowship level
Year awarded
Host university
Work, Employment and Organisations
University of Strathclyde
With my research I seek to address the: (1) experiences of health at work and employee perceptions, (2) stakeholder perspectives and responses to ill-health and disability in the workplace, (3) organisations and health, and (4) historical, cultural and political perspectives, debates and depictions of health in relation to work.
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How the NHS as an employer can better support its staff with long-term health and disability: a focus on Scotland


Long-term health conditions such as musculoskeletal disorders and heart problems are more common among older workers with the percentage of individuals reporting a long-term health condition rising. With the additional burden of long-term ill-health resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for effective policy for long-term condition management which enables individuals with health conditions to continue working has become increasingly critical. NHS Scotland is subject to a range of policy-based and organisational changes including increased patient numbers and reduced staff numbers through sickness absence. This study seeks to explore the management of long-term ill-health in the NHS Scotland workforce to aid the development of improved human resource support and retention.


The work will involve gathering and analysing documents that inform the management and support of employees with long-term health conditions. These will include existing policy, guidance, information documents and extant recruitment and exit datasets available within NHS Scotland boards. The project design includes secondary data analysis and the collection of qualitative empirical data via participant interviews (both asynchronous and synchronous). Similar interview styles will be employed for up to 30 employer stakeholders, including line managers, human resources representatives, occupational health professionals and trade union representatives. Up to 30 employee participants will be invited to provide an ‘occupational biography’ regarding their role in the health service and how they manage their health concerns alongside employment of this type.

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