Isabelle Le Gallez

Research Associate

Isabelle is an academic medical lawyer and ethicist who is a Research Associate at the Centre of Law, Medicine and Life Sciences and THIS Institute.

She is working on a Wellcome-funded project on differential diagnosis in the acute care setting. Her research will analyse the role of the law in the area of differential diagnosis by interrogating the laws clarity, its impact on doctors and possible avenues for reform. This will be achieved by combining traditional legal methods such as case law analysis (both UK and foreign jurisdictions) and an exploration of existing legal scholarship with less conventional research methods and literature.

Isabelle holds a first-class LLB from the University of Sussex and an LLM with Distinction in Medical Law and Ethics from the University of Edinburgh. She commenced her DPhil in Medical Law and Ethics at Exeter College, the University of Oxford but intermitted after a year of research. She has been employed by various medico-legal and tort-based research projects whilst at her previous educational institutions.

Research Interests

Isabelle is most interested in the role of the law in relation to the doctor-patient relationship specifically in medical negligence cases. Namely, questioning what the judges in key medical negligence cases are revealing about the law’s role in influencing (or not) the therapeutic relationship. She has spent the last year analysing the landmark informed consent case of Montgomery and will be applying this prior knowledge to question the relevance of that stream of case law when it comes to the issue of differential diagnosis.