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Nadine Al-Jandali

Research Programme Manager

Nadine is our Research Programme Manager and is responsible for overseeing the Institute’s research portfolio and the Research Support Team.

She helps map out and plan resource across the team while ensuring the smooth running of all our projects. She hails from a design background and uses her skills and big picture thinking to help reshape and implement new processes. She applies a critical lens on ways of working and is always looking to improve how things are done. After leaving the design world over 10 years ago, she has worked as a Project Manager for start-ups, social enterprises, and design agencies.

Her portfolio of work includes delivering global campaigns for large corporate clients, getting projects into Parliament to help shape policy and legislation, and working with grassroots organisations looking to deliver work in their communities. She is a big believer in co-creation and inclusivity and thrives in spaces that make space for everyone to share their voice and experience.

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