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Dr Joanne McPeake

Professor Joanne McPeake

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With a clinical background in critical care nursing, Joanne has a long-standing interest in researching the integration of health and social care and how social inequalities can influence healthcare access and outcomes. Her fellowship research examines how we can improve long term outcomes for patients and their families following critical illness. Joanne is the Professor of Nursing at the Department of Public Health and Primary Care for Cambridge University and Cambridge University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

Improving health and social care delivery in the acute care environment


Patients who survive an intensive care unit (ICU) stay are often left with physical, cognitive and emotional problems. This group of problems are known as Post Intensive Care Syndrome (PICS).

PICS can have a considerable impact on patients and caregivers as well as the health service, with 25% of ICU survivors experiencing unplanned hospitalisation readmission within 90 days of discharge.

Clinical staff and researchers have attempted to reduce this number; thus far, there is limited evidence to show that any intervention has helped. To date, no intervention has been shown to reduce hospital readmissions through supporting physical and social healthcare needs, before hospital discharge.


This project will employ a mixed methods approach, ensuring the design of a safe and effective intervention. Work will proceed through overlapping sequential phases with earlier phases facilitating and driving innovation in later research. Analyses will not run in isolation but will complement each other.

Methods include: a systematic review and meta-analysis of the previous literature in the area; analysis of social care patient records; research with patients, staff and caregivers about their experiences and quality improvement work to test an intervention across different hospital sites.

This project aims to create an integrated health and social care intervention which reduces hospital readmissions following critical illness. It will examine the challenges and opportunities which emerge from the implementation of this integrated model of care. Working with our PPI partners we will design and iteratively test this intervention, using Quality Improvement methodologies. Based on research recommendations and work in preparation, we anticipate this being a pro-active, preventative measure before hospital discharge.

Research articles

McPeake, J. et al. (2021) Multimorbidity and Its Relationship With Long-Term Outcomes After Critical Care Discharge: A Prospective Cohort Study. Chest.

Watch Professor Jo McPeake’s introductory video:

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