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The NHS at 75

THIS Institute is funded by the Health Foundation to produce an evidence base for improving quality and safety in healthcare. 75 years after the NHS was created, our agenda is becoming even more relevant.
Sarah Clark
Sarah Clark
Research Communications Manager

This 75th anniversary year presents a moment to reflect on how far the NHS – and healthcare services around the world – has come. In her keynote address at THIS Space 2023 on 29 November, THIS Institute director Mary Dixon-Woods will describe how our work is supporting improvement in three key areas:

  • Characterising and understanding problems – understanding a problem is the first step towards solving it.
  • Developing possible solutions to problems – healthcare isn’t short of recommendations but there’s a clear need for evidence to support them.
  • The ability – and capacity – to evaluate problems and solutions.

She suggests, “The future of the NHS, we believe, lies in large scale research, design, process improvement and evaluation, and developing local capability.”

Discover the many ways healthcare improvement research is supporting healthcare improvement.

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