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Journal article
Visual identifier systems for patients with cognitive impairment in healthcare settings: a survey of practice in UK hospitals
17 May 2022
Journal article
Concordance of hospital ranks and category ratings when using the current technical specification of US Hospital Star Ratings and reasonable alternative specifications
13 May 2022
A quality framework for remote antenatal care: qualitative study with women, healthcare professionals, and system-level stakeholders
13 May 2022
Journal article
Radiography as a sociotechnical system – Improving patient identification with a multi-level human factors approach
14 April 2022
Journal article
Qualitative study of candidacy and access to secondary mental health services during the COVID-19 pandemic
19 January 2022
Long read
What we learned from service users, carers, and mental health staff about access to NHS secondary mental health services during the COVID-19 pandemic
06 January 2022
Journal article
Why do systems for responding to concerns and complaints so often fail patients, families and healthcare staff? A qualitative study
04 November 2021
Journal article
Identifying how GPs spend their time and the obstacles they face: a mixed methods study
01 October 2021
Journal article
How to specify healthcare process improvements collaboratively using rapid, remote consensus-building
14 June 2021
Journal article
A qualitative study of experiences of NHS mental healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic
21 May 2021
THIS report
Arts-based engagement: a guide for community groups, artists and researchers
11 May 2021
Journal article
Crowdsourcing citation screening in a mixed-studies systematic review: a feasibility study
07 May 2021