Studying how to improve maternity outcomes for parents and babies through better prenatal, perinatal and postnatal services

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Journal article
A qualitative study of the dynamics of access to remote antenatal care through the lens of candidacy
26 April 2023
Developing post-partum haemorrhage emergency kits using participatory methods
08 February 2023
A quality framework for remote antenatal care: qualitative study with women, healthcare professionals, and system-level stakeholders
13 May 2022
Avoiding Brain Injury in Childbirth (ABC) collaboration
27 September 2021
Journal article
Training in the use of intrapartum electronic fetal monitoring with cardiotocography: Systematic review and meta-analysis
14 December 2020
THIS report
COVID-19: managing an obstetric emergency
17 November 2020
Consensus-building on obstetric emergencies
13 November 2020
Seven features of safety in maternity units: A framework based on multi-site ethnography and stakeholder consultation
28 September 2020
What good looks like, and why, for remote antenatal care
26 June 2020
Journal article
Clinical negligence costs: the (almost hidden) threat to the sustainability of the NHS and what to do about it
03 March 2020
Journal article
How to be a very safe maternity unit: An ethnographic study
24 January 2019
Replicating and scaling a successful maternity safety improvement programme
13 November 2018