Developing innovative research methods and theories that present opportunities for healthcare improvement studies

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Journal article
A systematic review of patient access to medical records in the acute setting: practicalities, perspectives and ethical consequences
06 July 2023
Co-designing good practice guidelines for chronic subdural haematoma
19 April 2023
Efficiency by design: remoulding randomised evaluations in improvement studies
19 January 2023
Journal article
Three observations for improving efforts in surgical improvement
21 November 2022
What good looks like in small-scale surgical improvement efforts – developing a quality framework
02 September 2022
Journal article
How to specify healthcare process improvements collaboratively using rapid, remote consensus-building
14 June 2021
THIS report
Arts-based engagement: a guide for community groups, artists and researchers
11 May 2021
Journal article
Crowdsourcing citation screening in a mixed-studies systematic review: a feasibility study
07 May 2021
Journal article
A modified Delphi study to identify the features of high quality measurement plans for healthcare improvement projects
20 January 2020
Journal article
A mixed-methods study of challenges experienced by clinical teams in measuring improvement
12 November 2019
THIS report
Involving patients and the public in research
25 July 2019
Journal article
Combining soft systems methodology, ethnographic observation and discrete-event simulation: A case study in cancer care
24 June 2019