Systems and culture

Taking a whole system approach to understand how quality and safety arise from complex systems and organisational culture.

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Journal article
Encouraging openness in health care: Policy and practice implications of a mixed-methods study in the English National Health Service
14 October 2022
Journal article
Visual identifier systems for patients with cognitive impairment in healthcare settings: a survey of practice in UK hospitals
17 May 2022
Journal article
Concordance of hospital ranks and category ratings when using the current technical specification of US Hospital Star Ratings and reasonable alternative specifications
13 May 2022
Journal article
Radiography as a sociotechnical system – Improving patient identification with a multi-level human factors approach
14 April 2022
Journal article
Why do systems for responding to concerns and complaints so often fail patients, families and healthcare staff? A qualitative study
04 November 2021
Decision-making and operational data for patient flow management
02 August 2021
Improved planning of end-of-life treatment and care
02 July 2021
THIS report
How well is the NHS in England doing at improving openness about quality of care?
12 February 2021
Communicating evidence to NHS boards
10 February 2021
Journal article
Why we should be careful about calling healthcare workers ‘heroes’
17 June 2020
Developing a visual identification method for people with cognitive impairment in institutional settings
14 April 2020
Journal article
A qualitative study of design stakeholders’ views of developing and implementing a registry-based learning health system
14 April 2020