Episode 4 50 mins

Doctor Informed: “But it’s always been done that way…”

In Doctor Informed, we’ve been hearing a lot about the problems of healthcare, but we also want to talk about solutions. Whatever we’re going to do to fix healthcare, whether that’s bullying, or burnout, or patient safety – it’s going to require change. And change is hard.

In this episode Clara Munro is joined by Graham Martin, Director of Research at THIS Institute. They discuss the dreaded phrase “But it’s always been done this way”, and why failing is the path to success, and the true importance of listening.

Doctor informed with the BMJ
Doctor informed with the BMJ
Doctor Informed: "But it's always been done that way..."

Created in collaboration with the BMJ, the ‘Doctor Informed: beyond medical knowledge’ podcast series gives hospital doctors the inside story on the evidence about providing the best care and having positive relationships with patients and colleagues.

Our guests

Penny Pereira, Q Managing Director at the Health Foundation. Q helps promote improvement within the health and care system, encouraging and supporting a wide range of people to effectively lead improvement.

Moira Durbridge, Director of Safety and Risk at University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust. Moira trained as a nurse, and continues to work clinically, as well as her role in leading her Trust’s change.

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