Episode 5 56 mins

Doctor Informed: Reflecting on a crisis

Previous Doctor Informed episodes have discussed how to prevent patient safety issues from occurring, but sometimes situations are beyond anyone’s control – like COVID.

It can be hard to look back, especially if difficult decisions and compromises were made, including ones we did not completely agree with, or if there could be criticism of the way we responded. We ask how individual doctors, teams, and organisations could respond to and recover from major problems?

Created in collaboration with the BMJ, the ‘Doctor Informed: beyond medical knowledge’ podcast series gives hospital doctors the inside story on the evidence about providing the best care and having positive relationships with patients and colleagues.

Our guests

In this episode, we’re joined by Annelieke Driessen, THIS Institute fellow and medical anthropologist. She is a research fellow at the University of Oxford and honorary assistant professor in medical anthropology at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, who has spent hours listening to and understanding patient experiences of ICU during the pandemic. The research Annelieke discussed, and the full versions of the patient interviews that are included in the podcast are available at https://healthtalk.org/Experiences-of-Covid-19-and-Intensive-Care/overview

We’ll also hear from Dominque Allwood, Chief Medical Officer at UCL Partners, and Director of Population Health at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, who focuses on creating positive change in healthcare.

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